Golf Course Injury Claims Dublin – Everything You Need to Know About

02 Jun

Golf Course Injury Claims Dublin – Everything You Need to Know About

Have you been injured on a golf course recently? While most people do not imagine golf to be life-threatening or a dangerous sport to play, accidents can happen around the course at any time. From spectators being hit by straying shots to hiring faulty equipment and being injured, there are a number of scenarios when the golf club may be negligent and owe you compensation for injuries. At McSweeney Solicitors, we can make sure that you are represented and receive the compensation you deserve for a golf course injury that was not your fault.


Do I Have a Claim?


It may be possible to bring a personal injury claim against another party if you have been injured in an accident on a golf course. Here are some examples.


Being Hit by a Golf Ball


It is common for golf balls to be hit off the course or not in the direction you want them to go in. But the problem is, a golf ball hit at high speed can do a lot of damage, especially when you do not know it is coming. It is necessary for players to shout ‘fore’ when a ball is coming towards another person. You may be able to claim compensation if you are hit by a stray ball.


Having an Accident in a Faulty Golf Buggy


Clubs are responsible for the upkeep of their course, as well as the equipment that they provide for hire. This includes their golf buggies. If you hire one to get around the course and they are faulty, this could lead to a serious accident. Indeed, you could make a personal injury claim against the golf club for your injuries.


Falling Down a Dangerous Slope


Golf courses have a duty of care towards all players and spectators. In particular, if you slip and fall because of a dangerous slope or because of a badly maintained golf course, the club can be liable. They should always have fences and signs put up to warn players when they are making their way around the course. Thus, any high-risk areas should be highlighted to avoid accidents.


How much Compensation Could I Receive for a Golf Course Injury?

A common question that a lot of people want to be answered is how much compensation is available for an injury on the golf course that was not their fault. The amount you receive is going to depend on your individual case and there is no one definitive answer. The court is going to have to consider your injuries and how serious they are, as well as any medical expenses or long-term costs that result from the accident. This could include any loss of income you have sustained through your injuries.


Another factor that the court is going to consider when they are deciding on compensation is the amount of pain and suffering you have been through. Indeed, you will be compensated for this, particularly if your quality of life has suffered as a result of the golf course injuries. Having an experienced lawyer on your side is going to make sure that you present all of the factors to the court.


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