6 Types Of Serious Personal Injuries*

25 Feb

6 Types Of Serious Personal Injuries*

A look at some more serious personal injuries

Many personal injury claims* are relatively small and although the distress to the sufferers is very real. Fortunately, they usually don’t involve life-changing injuries. But there are still many incidences every year of more serious injuries which can have long term consequences for both the victim and their families. As well as pain and distress these injuries can also have serious financial consequences. This is why many people will seek compensation through the courts.

Here are some of the more serious injuries which can lead to personal injury claims*

Back and Spinal Injuries

Injuries to the back can result in serious problems. Long term backache can interfere with work and the ability to carry out many normal activities. This kind of injury is often caused by the strain of lifting a heavy load. More serious injuries occur when the injury affects the spine including the vertebrae at the top of the spine that support the neck. At worst this kind of injury can result in paralysis causing serious mobility issues.

Head and Brain Injuries

The most common cause of injuries to the head are falls and vehicle collisions. The skull plays an important role in protecting the brain but a severe blow to the head can cause a fractured skull. A fractured skull can lead to brain damage due to the build-up of pressure. The result of this can range from short term memory loss to long-term cognitive impairment. Or in the worst cases, it can lead to death

Brain injuries can also be caused by lack of oxygen to the brain during birth. This can have long term consequences for the child and their family. Any personal injury claims would take into account the additional costs of caring for the child.

Loss of Sight

Brain injuries can also lead to loss of vision as can injuries to the eye. The eyes can be damaged by trauma inflicted by a sharp or blunt object or contact with chemicals such as acid. The impact will depend on the nature of injuries and whether one or both eyes are affected. The worst injuries may cause blindness resulting in not being able to carry on with work.

Criminal Injuries

Criminal injuries may be the result of an assault and can include stab wounds. As well as physical injuries there can be psychological problems especially if the assault leads to facial injuries such as scarring and disfigurement.


The loss of a limb will usually lead to major life changes including adapting to using a wheelchair or a prosthetic limb. Depending on the limb affected and the extent of the amputation this can be one of the most serious injuries.

Fatal Injury

Most people would agree that the worst scenario is when the injury leads to death. In this case, it is the family of the deceased who will receive compensation. In these cases, consideration will be given to the emotional distress as well as the financial effect of the death on their financial dependents.

This, of course, does not cover all possibilities but it gives a picture of the kind of injuries that might lead to a personal injuries claim If you feel that it might be appropriate to make a claim contact McSweeney Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin for advice on how to proceed.


*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage of any award or settlement.

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