Personal Injury Claims: How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

27 Jul
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Personal Injury Claims: How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

The purpose of a personal injury claim* is to receive compensation from the person responsible for the accident you were involved in. The amount that you receive will depend on the physical and psychological injuries that you have suffered. The goal of compensation is to cover the potential losses that you have incurred from an accident.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive?

When you are starting a personal injury claim, you are going to be wondering; how much compensation will I be rewarded? However, there is not a straightforward answer to this question without knowing all the details of the accident. The amount of compensation received varies on a case-by-case basis. While a personal injury solicitor can advise you, they will need to know more about the accident first. But the Injuries Board Book of Quantum can help to estimate how much you may receive for your accident.


What is the Injuries Board Book of Quantum?

It is the duty of the Injuries Board to assess each personal injury claim that is filed. In order to ensure that the fair and just amount is given to people for an accident that was not their fault, they use the Injuries Board Book of Quantum. This has guidelines that are used to calculate compensation. The information it contains was created from over 51,000 cases between 2013 and 2014. Therefore, it offers guidelines based on real court statistics and how much compensation was rewarded. This is going to help the Injuries Board look at your case and award the right compensation for your injuries.


What Aspects are Considered for Compensation?

Of course, the injuries that you have sustained are a focus for the Injuries Board when they are calculated compensation. But there are other aspects that will be considered. For example:


  • The loss of enjoyment in your life from pain and suffering
  • The loss of any earnings from being off work
  • Any medical bills incurred from the accident
  • Any loss of future earnings from the injuries sustained
  • The cost of any future medical treatment necessary


Is the Severity of the Injury Considered for Compensation?

A lot of people assume that the severity of the injury is not considered. While the Book of Quantum gives general guidelines, the severity of your injury will be looked at for compensation. For example, there are categories for injury severity and they are as follows:


  • Minor
  • Moderate
  • Moderately severe
  • Severe and permanent conditions


If you have multiple injuries, the Board will normally examine the most severe injury that you have. They will then make sure that the value is adjusted so that you can receive compensation for all of the injuries from the accident.

Example Injury Estimations

Again, the exact amount of compensation you will receive will depend on your individual case. But here are some examples of the compensation you might get based on the type of injury sustained.


Head Injuries

  • A minor concussion but no loss of consciousness – up to €21,800
  • Moderate skull fracture with loss of Consciousness – Between €68,200 and €128,000
  • Eye Injury, total loss of sight in one eye – up to €138,000
  • Minor nose fracture ­– €18,000 to €22,100
  • Broken tooth – €7,500 to €10,300


Neck Injuries

  • Minor whiplash – up to €15,700
  • Severe whiplash and soft tissue injuries – €44,600 too €77,900


Back Injuries

  • Moderate soft tissue back injury – €21,400 to €34,400
  • Severe and permanent vertebrae injury – €76,000 to €139,000


*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage of any award or settlement.




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