Fatalities on Irish Roads in 2018

20 Dec
Fatal Accident

Fatalities on Irish Roads in 2018

Unfortunately, fatalities can happen at any time on the road. Of course, there are a number of reasons why this may happen. But often it is innocent victims that are killed at the hands of an inconsiderate or reckless driver and during an accident on the road. In particular, the statistics for 2018 in Ireland indicate that other drivers and pedestrians are two of the highest groups that have been fatally injured on the road this year.


With a yearly comparison, it has been indicated that there have been marginally fewer fatalities on the road in 2018 than there was in 2017. In totally, the number of deaths from road traffic accidents* up to 19th December 2018 was 144. This includes pedestrians, drivers and passengers, as well as motorcyclists and pedal cyclists. The year before, which was up to 19th December 2017, 150 people were killed in an accident.


A particularly vulnerable group in 2017 was cyclists and this has not seemed to change this year. Nine cyclists were tragically killed on the road in 2017 and this number remains at nine for 2018. The last two years have been an increase from previous years, which means it is more important than ever for drivers to know and understand road safety and giving space to cyclists. We have also seen a large number of cycling accident claims* in 2018.


Another similar vulnerable group on the road is motorcyclists. A total of 14 motorcyclists were killed on the road in 2018 due to a number of reasons. Again, it is important that other drivers give motorcyclists space, as well as for motorcyclists to wear helmets and protective gear to have the best chance of survival in a crash. We have a large number of motorcycle accident claims* in 2018 also which can often be very serious.


There is a call for more caution and awareness by everyone that is using the road, particularly, putting mobile devices away and anything else that will aid as a distraction when you are travelling. The highest number of fatalities can be seen by other drivers, with a total of 61 drivers killed in 2018.


41 pedestrians lost their lives in 2018 from road traffic accidents. Drivers should be reminded to avoid distractions and to comply with speed limits when they are travelling. In addition, a look out for pedestrians crossing the road is also vital.


Road traffic accidents* can also lead to the death of passengers in the vehicle that crashes. While wearing a seatbelt is very important, it is also the driver’s responsibility to be sensible and adhere to all the rules of the road to help to prevent accidents.


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