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There are roughly 20,000 Road Traffic Accident claims per year in Ireland and the vast majority of these are accidents involving cars. Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful experience. Claims brought to the Injuries Board Court in Ireland in 2016 received an average of just over €20,000 in compensation per claim. If you have been the victim of a car accident it might be worth your while to contact a personal injury solicitor to assess your ability to make a claim*.

McSweeney Solicitors have vast experience in Car Accident Claims and achieve positive outcomes consistently for clients who have been injured. You may be entitled to pursue a legal remedy for personal injuries suffered, car damage, hospital fees and loss of earnings. There are a number of steps you should and shouldn’t undertake in the aftermath of an accident as follows:

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Do: Call The Guards

Calling the guards in the aftermath of an accident is common place in Ireland and is necessary when there is a dispute as to who is to blame for the accident. Calling the guards is not always necessary if both drivers can sort the incident out amongst themselves. If there is any physical injury or disagreement between the parties, calling the guards is a must.

Do: Exchange Insurance Details

Many Car Accidents will end up in a pay out by the guilty parties insurance company. It is always necessary to get the other drivers insurance details to make sure that they can cover any liability should they need to. Getting the other drivers registration and insurance will give you peace of mind that the other party has not been driving illegally and holds the proper documents.

Don’t: Admit Liability

Admitting liability after an accident has occured may be natural if you percieve that you have been at fault for the accident. You are much better off waiting for the guards to come and telling the story as it happened without admitting you were at fault. Later when the case possibly goes to court, new circumstances may come to light that ensure you are not liable.

Do: Contact A Car Accident Solicitor

Calling a road traffic claim solicitor in the wake of an accident is a great way to ensure you get the best possible result in your case. You will get the best possible advice and expert help when your case goes before the injuries board. The advice you receive in the aftermath of any accident will likely have a big impact on the success of your claim.

If you’ve been injured as a result of a car accident within the past two years then you may be entitled to make a personal claim* for your injury and out of pocket expenses, such as loss of earnings, medical expenses, etc. Each car accident claim case is obviously different but the average payout made by the Injuries Board in 2015 for victims of car accidents was roughly €20,000.

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