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02 Oct
Fatal Accident

I Have Been Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian – Can I Make a Claim?xcvf

I Have Been Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian – Can I Make a Claim? A lot of people assume that road traffic accidents only involve cars or motorcycles colliding with another vehicle. However, every year, there are a number of pedestrians that are involved. Unfortunately, this type of accident can mean that you sustain […]

03 Jan
Luas Accident Claims Dublin

Tram Surfing Public Liability Claim and a Large Compensation Settlementxcvf

The last four years, there have been reports of people participating in tram surfing, which has results in incidents and injuries. The Irish Rail and Luas tram have records demonstrating that there have been more than 110 incidents since 2014. Tram surfing is the latest craze that involves a person holding onto the outside of […]

31 Dec
Fatal Accident

New National Database Targeting Uninsured Drivers to be Introduced in 2019xcvf

As the New Year begins new measures are being taken to tackle the two major problems facing driver and insurers. A new scheme is being introduced which aims to not only cut down the number of fraudulent insurance claims being made, but also allow the Garda to identify uninsured drivers quickly and easily. Here at […]